Influence the Game Development

We are sure that voting with your money is the most fair approach when it comes to game development.

By making purchases in the game, you get an opportunity to directly influence the game — submit your ideas or vote for existing ones. Let’s make Web Tycoon better together!


You might want to create an “exchange” for employees who are about to leave the competitors’ company

Justin 5 months ago in Game mechanics updated by Kamila Demaria-Reese 4 months ago 1

If a competitor doesn’t provide paychecks, you can make a counter offer to their employee. The one who will offer more within, let’s say, 24 hours, can hire this employee. The starting price is based on the employee’s skill level.


Perks for websites

Nixy 4 months ago in Game mechanics 0

I think it would be great to add some perks to websites. The idea in general is to make a development tree for sites that would reflect a website’s level. Each level gives a website some perks - like, certain advantage and some downsides at the same time.


Website promotion contracts

Nixy 4 months ago in Game mechanics 0

For example, now there are contracts for development of a certain site version, but you can also add contracts to achieve a certain number of visitors.


How about creating something like a ‘link bank’ so that players can exchange links?

Ivan Vozlyublennyy 4 months ago in Game mechanics 0

Now you have to look for players in chat or elsewhere for that.


There should be some authorities that you can file complaints to against a competitor’s illegal actions

Jacob 5 months ago in Game mechanics 0

For example, add a "complain" button on the user account page, where you can complain for the actions of this user. Admins will be able to check the situation and either take action or ignore it.